About Resist

We work hard to support readers,
dreamers, activists, and book clubs.

Resist Booksellers Is Not Your Average Book Retailer

Our brand shines light on the thinkers, dreamers, and leaders who came before us. Those that weren’t afraid to stand up for the rights of others. The current generation, who picked up the batons and ran at lightening speed. Breaking down barriers and never accepting no for an answer. And for the future generation who are just getting started.

We inspire thinkers and doers to go out in the world and leave their mark on it. Daring people to challenge the norm and create new paths; whether its within your own community or bringing people together, and creating a safe space for you spark to shine brightly for the world to see.

A Brief Story About Resist

Book retailers across the country have a prime objective and that is to sell books and other products to turn a profit. But with so many retailers pursuing the same vanilla, maximum profit approach consumers are left with online outlets that don’t meet their specific needs or help fuel their creativity and passions. We must be different. We must continually shy away from merely selling books or promoting the next interest of our publishing partners and stay vigilant about supporting the unique groups like book clubs and activists and provide a haven for change for our biggest thinkers.

Need A Bookseller For Your Event?

Whether you are looking to place a large order or you are holding an author event and need a bookseller Resist Booksellers can help.  Leveraging our direct relationships with all of the major publishers we can supply a diverse range of titles delivered to your event almost any where in the country.  Lets make your next event the best event.  Contact our Event Sales department using the email below.