Vegucation Over Medication

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Vegucation Over Medication: The Myths, Lies, And Truths About Modern Foods And Medicines

At the height of medical technology and civilization, America has become the fattest and sickest nation to ever grace the earth. There was a time when food was our medicine, and the farmer our physician. But now industrialization has converted farms into factories, replaced produce for processed foods, and meat comes with just as many warnings as the drugs we are prescribed. If we continue to embrace the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) and current health care system, this may be the first generation of parents to outlive their children. The science and medical community are split 50/50 as to why we are so sick. One side is dogmatically attached to the theory that germs cause disease, so sickness is inevitable and can only be treated not cured. The other perspective is that we have a genetic predisposition to disease and that science & technology provide the solution. However, neither of these philosophies actually address the real cause of disease.

Vegucation Over Medication bridges the gap by helping us understand the impact of nutrition on our health. Dr. Bobby Price provides actionable advice on how to prevent and even reverse many chronic diseases. The book dispels in shocking detail many of the myths and lies we’ve adopted as truths, such as the use of medications as our primary form of prevention. Dr. Price’s holistic approach to understanding the healing nature of our foods and bodies will empower you to cleanse, nourish, and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH. In this book you will learn:

  • Hidden dangers in foods and medicines
  • How to minimize or eliminate medications
  • The connection between disease and nutrition
  • The secrets of long-term natural weight loss
  • The real scoop on protein
  • Powerful natural alternatives to help restore the body
  • Guide to incorporating a plant-based lifestyle
  • Tasty plant-based alternatives to your favorite foods
  • How a plant-based diet improves energy, digestion, and sleep
  • How to reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  • Keys to normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels

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