Time’s Undoing

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Birmingham, 1929: Robert Lee Harrington, a master carpenter, has just moved to Alabama to pursue a job opportunity, bringing along his pregnant wife and young daughter. Birmingham is in its heyday, known as the “Magic City” for its booming steel industry, and while Robert and his family find much to enjoy in the city’s busy markets and vibrant night life – it’s also a stronghold for the Klan. And with his beautiful, light-skinned wife and snazzy car, Robert begins to worry that he might be drawing the wrong kind of attention.

2019: Meghan Mackenzie, the youngest reporter at the Detroit Free Press, has grown up hearing family lore about her great-grandfather’s murder—but no one knows the full story of what really happened back then, and his body was never found. Determined to find answers to her family’s long-buried tragedy, and spurred by the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement, Meghan travels to Birmingham. But as her investigation begins to uncover dark secrets that spider across both the city and time, her life may be in danger.

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1 review for Time’s Undoing

  1. Audra Russell

    audra (verified owner)

    I am not one to cry when a book moves me. Instead, my spirit experiences a stillness that I can only assume is the deep satisfaction of reading a beautiful story.
    Time’s Undoing is both a scathing indictment of white supremacy and police brutality that lays bare the havoc that has been wreaked on generations of Black families. It is also a testament to the resilience and strength of Black families and to the importance of knowing our family stories.
    Often the atrocities that have happened to our family members are only talked about in hushed tones at the adult table away from (the adults believe) young ears. But Time’s Undoing is proof that these stories must be told no matter how much pain they may bring because there is healing, release, and liberty in the telling.
    Almost all Black family history hits a wall at the bill of sale. It is our painful lot in life. Beyond those records, we can only speculate where we come from and cobble together pieces of who we are by asking questions and digging through archives, and hope against hope that we find tangible evidence of who we are and who we belong to beyond our grandparents.
    I think that’s why this book took hold of my heart. The main character in this book is a journalist who takes the time to ask questions and go back to the place where her great-grandparents lived to dig into the past and find answers for her family, especially her grandmother. That she is a journalist, to me, is symbolic of the journalistic skill of digging to find the truth that I think all Black people have to varying degrees because so much of our family history, if it is not destroyed, is tucked away in dusty boxes in basements, attics, and library archives.
    Time’s Undoing is equal parts mystery and historical fiction with a heavy dose of thriller in those last few chapters that had me in a chokehold.

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