The Vanquishers: Rise of the Wrecking Crew

This item will be released October 8, 2024.
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San Antonio is on lockdown, taken over by the new hive of vampires. No one can deny that the undead are back now, but the Vanquishers found out the hard way: when they learned that an old friend is behind the latest string of attacks.

As the Squad hide out at an abandoned warehouse, honing their vampire-butt-kicking skills, they begin to suspect that they’re not alone. And when a vial of Dracula’s blood—able to give unrivaled power to the vampire that consumes it—is stolen from the bunker, the Vanquishers race to recover it before it falls into the wrong hands.

The Vanquishers have always been Boog’s family, the ones she trusts the most. But what does it mean when a former Vanquisher, one of her heroes, is now the enemy?


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