The Last One

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My name is Kai.

I wish I can say that my life has changed.

But I don’t remember my life before today.

I wake up, naked and voiceless, in a forest outside a town called Maford. Everyone I meet there either fears me or loathes me. Strange beasts, otherworldly creatures, hunt me. Each time I fight them, I unlock new powers—seeing the glow of death, moving objects with a flick of my hand, controlling the weather.

I do have a weakness.

The moment I touch another, a piece of me dies. Yes, I’m dying every day.

That’s why I need to know right now: who am I? What am I? I need answers before I perish.

But my amulet—the source of my power—has been stolen. I know the thief—Adara and I were friends. Or so I thought. She lies. Now, I must work with her brother Jadon, the town’s blacksmith, to reclaim all that’s mine.

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