The 50th Law

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When Robert Greene published The 48 Laws of Power in 2000, he had no idea the book would become a mega cult classic among the managers, producers, and aspiring artists in the hip hop community who have embraced Greene’s tactics for surviving and thriving in the cutthroat music industry (tactics which are largely based on those of historical figures like Napoleon and Nietzsche).

One such survivor who credits Greene’s work for his success is Curtis Jackson (a.k.a. 50 Cent). 50, who was born in South Jamaica and started dealing crack at the age of twelve, used the tactics in The 48 Laws of Power to indentify friend from foe, opportunity from opposition, and to ultimately triumph in a dog-eat-dog industry. In 2008 50 was named by Forbes magazine the #1 earning Hip Hop Cash King. But the single most defining moment in 50s life, he says, is when he completely let go of his fear.

Fear nothing, and you shall succeed—this is the basic tenant of this groundbreaking collaboration between 50 Cent and Robert Green, which includes intimate stories from 50’s life on the streets and in the boardroom, as well as examples of others who have overcome adversity through understanding and practicing the 50th Law. At turns hard-nosed and deeply inspirational, this is a book for entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in the extraordinary life of Curtis Jackson.

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