Run Your Best Marathon: Your Trusted Guide To Training And Racing Better

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There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to run a marathon. How to train, what to eat, what to wear, how to avoid injury, how to taper. In fact, that’s half the problem! While one ‘expert’ says you haven’t got a hope in hell of finishing a marathon if you haven’t done at least three 20-milers, another says there’s no need to go above 16 miles. One says your final long run should be two weeks before race day, another says you should be well into your taper by then. Should you do recovery runs or simply rest? Stretch or not stretch?

Let Sam Murphy—a lifelong runner and marathoner with 15 years of coaching experience—be your trusted guide. Whether you’re looking to step up to the marathon for the first time or aiming to better previous performances over the distance, this practical and accessible book will help you master the marathon. You’ll learn how to set a realistic goal, rather than plucking a time out of the air. You’ll learn about quality long runs, the essential elements of marathon training, and how to tweak your diet to maximize energy and nutrition for training and recovery. You’ll learn practical tips to run better. And even more importantly, to race better.

There are three training programs in this book—not based on time, such as a ‘sub-4 hour plan’ but on running volume—how much you are able, or willing, to do. This allows you to fit marathon training into your life, rather than the other way around.

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