Maya and the Return of the Godlings

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The threat from the Dark is far from over. Twelve-year-old Maya knows this. Now that she’s crossed the veil between the two worlds, saving her father and narrowly escaping the sinister clutches of the Lord of Shadows, tensions between the human world and the Dark are higher than ever. And even worse, Maya’s orisha powers as a godling are out of control.

Now a guardian in training, Maya spends her days patching up tears in the veil with her father and cleaning up near disasters like baby wormholes that her erratic powers create. But when Maya and her friends discover that something went terribly wrong during their journey to bring her father back to the human world, they are forced to return to the Dark and restore what they left behind, the one thing keeping the veil from falling: her father’s soul.

The Lord of Shadows is mobilizing his forces for an all-out war against the human world. And this time, Maya and her friends will need all the help they can get. Even if that means teaming up with their greatest enemies, the darkbringers.

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