Heartbreak U: Freshman Year

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Born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, Franki doesn’t take crap from anyone. Continuously hurt by the men in her life, she finds herself using them for the only thing she believes they’re good for: sex. When she’s labeled for her promiscuity and a new tragedy strikes, how will she recover?

Paris, on the other hand, has led a life of privilege out in Beverly Hills—one that didn’t include very many minorities in her circle. When her mother sends her off to an HBCU in hopes that she’ll reconnect with her people, she finds herself culture-shocked.

Asha, the local girl, is a complete slacker when it comes to school and anything else that doesn’t align with her future plans of becoming a basketball wife. She is a user and a mastermind manipulator who will ultimately have to pay a price.

Lastly, there’s Hope, the good girl. Raised by her father and brought up in the church, she’s been sheltered most of her life. When she falls hard for the big man on campus and gets her heart crushed to pieces, will she persist?

Told from each character’s distinct point of view, this narrative is about young women navigating the dynamics of sex, love, and heartbreak in college. Being outcasts in their own right, these four young women ultimately forge a very unique bond.

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