Equinox Test (School for Unusual Magic #1)

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Welcome to the Brooklyn School of Magic, where seeds of enchantment are planted and magic sprouts in every corner. And where each fall, fifth years must pass the Equinox Test if they want to move up to Middle Magic.

Rose is worried. She’s never been the best student. And if she doesn’t pass with flying colors, Principal Ivy says she may have to transfer to a boring, non-magical school. Amethyst knows she’s got the skills to ace the test. But to really impress her mom, she’s got her eye on the school’s top prize. Lavender just wants to fit in. Even after a few years in the States, he still feels homesick. All. The. Time. Passing the test might just be his ticket back to the island.

But with best friend battles, a cheating scandal, and trouble brewing in the magical community, the Equinox Test may not even be the biggest challenge these Magic Bearers will face this year…

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April 2, 2024








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