PODCAST: Opening Your Bookstore

The day to open your bookstore is fast approaching! In this last episode of this six-episode run of the Resist Booksellers podcast owner Demetrius Frazier discusses ways to ensure success when you finally open the doors of your bookstore.

In this episode, host Demetrius Frazier discusses the last steps to opening your bookstore including:

  1. Developing strong relationships with your key stakeholders and partners
    • Community orgs and institutions like churches and nonprofits
    • Town / city / county government including the economic development and tourism agencies
    • Local business community
    • The citizens of your community
  2. Properly using your building for grand opening promotion
  3. Dealing with the media
  4. Having a strong grand opening plan including ideas when trouble arises

This is the finish line! Get ready to open the doors to your brand-new bookstore!

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