PODCAST: Modeling Reading Behavior: The Power of Example

Episode Summary

In this episode, Demetrius Frazier and his son Brandon discuss Brandon’s reading journey and how Demetrius could have encouraged him to read more. They explore the importance of modeling reading behavior, exposing children to different forms of reading, and being intentional about reading. Brandon shares his recent experience of becoming a reader and how he sets achievable reading goals. They also discuss the impact of reading different genres and the value of audiobooks. The episode ends with Brandon sharing his practice of donating the physical books he reads to a Resist’s Little Free library Initiative.


  • Modeling reading behavior can encourage children to read more.
  • Exposing children to different forms of reading, such as articles, magazines, and audiobooks, can help them find what they enjoy.
  • Setting achievable reading goals can motivate individuals to read more.
  • Reading different genres can provide diverse reading experiences.
  • Donating books after reading can contribute to community libraries and promote reading.

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