PODCAST: Choosing the Business Model for Your Bookstore

Entrepreneurs, especially independent bookstore owners, must conduct proper research in order to increase their chance to start and run a successful business. In the third episode of this six-episode run of the Resist Booksellers podcast owner Demetrius Frazier discusses the key activity to better understand the community and potential customers for your bookstore.

In this episode, host Demetrius Frazier details many of the business model options you have as a prospective bookstore owner including:

  1. Choosing to open an online, brick and mortar or hybrid store
    • Online store example given – Sistah Sci Fi (website)
  2. Choosing a genre specific store
    • Genre specific store given – The Mysterious Bookshop (website)
  3. Choose a target audience specific store
    • Target audience specific store example – Liberation Station (website)
  4. Choose a Hybrid Brick and mortar store
    • Coffee example
    • Restaurant example
    • Plant store example
    • Wine example
  5. Choose a nonprofit model

The choice for the business model for your bookstore is up to you! The good news: there are a lot of choices. The bad news: There are a lot of choices. Have fun with the process and choose wisely.

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