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The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family

Release Date: May 14, 2024

Book Author: Ben Carson M.D.
Format: Hardcover
SKU: 9780310368373

Cost: $27.05 ($29.99 with 15% bulk discount + VA Sales Tax)


Does America no longer feel like home? Widespread divorce rates, the erosion of traditional marriage, the popular rise of radical ideologies, attacks on faith, and government interference are only a few of the factors contributing to the struggles of families in our culture. And because of the importance of healthy families to every part of our national life, the breakdown of the family threatens to rob us of the country we love. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Like many of us, Dr. Ben Carson fears we are losing the country we love. In this provocative and ultimately hopeful book, he gives us the facts, inspiration, and theory-to-action answers we need to restore a key foundation of America: the family.

The Perilous Fight equips us to understand:

  • The hard data behind the breakdown of the family and its effects on our society, including poverty, crime, and deteriorating education
  • The core biblical beliefs that led our nation into unprecedented freedom and prosperity–and why abandoning those beliefs led to the social decline we see today
  • The fresh ideas and public policy options that could reverse negative trends impacting the family while maintaining a balance between constitutional freedoms and governmental involvement

This is a practical and inspiring book for anyone who:

  • Feels discouraged about the state of our country and its institutions
  • Needs hope that there are commonsense, attainable solutions that we all can practice
  • Appreciates a conservative, Scripture-based approach to restoring faith, liberty, community, and life in America

Strong families are the cornerstone of strong communities. Strong communities build a strong nation. Only when we prioritize the family as an institution established by God will we proudly remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.